May I introduce myself...

my name Frank and I'm a poor student, with not enough spare time and way too many hobbies.

Right now I'm going to college at a privat University called
Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft in Frankfurt a.M. in Germany.
I'll get my diploma in banking and finance in '2003.
The time I'm not going to college, I'm working at the Postbank AG in Munich,
...or I'm working at sd&m (software design & management), a software company,
producing individual Software for buisness coustomers.
To fit all that in my scedule, I'm traveling back and forth between
Munich and Frankfurt every five weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot, my, where should I start?
This site for example is on of my favorit hobbies. Therefor I'm also trying to get
a little deeper into Perl. I love playing Beachvolleyball
(still looking for a partner in FFM), do some stocks and options
and relax going fishing oder paragliding.

You still want to see me?

Here we go ...