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FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

Do I have to pay to use this site?
What is the content of this site?
You WON'T find this...
Where/How do I get to the books?
How do I find the book I'm looking for?
I click on the i-button and nothing happens.
Why are there almost no infos to any of the books?
How is this site financially supported
Why is there this huge banner of sd&m?
Why does this site exist?
How about the Copyright?
How do I use the linklists?

Do I have to pay to use this site?

This is absolutely free, no newsletter, no spam, no nothing...


What is the content of this site?
There are three linklists containing, ebooks, dokumentations, manual-pages,
and lots of other stuff. I'm trying to cover the following topics:
Computers, internet, programming, (electronics) and everything around
those topics.


You won´t find this...

You won't find any books, you couldn't find yourself if you just looked hard enough.
Therefor, there are no books on my server, this is a pure linklist.
If you think, any of the books should not be on the net for any reason,
Please contact the webmaster of the linked page.

How do I get to the books?

Simply click on the books-button on the left side and you're there.
If you need the books in a different order, you can sort them on the
top of the page.


How do I find the book I'm looking for?
I'm sure you know something about the book: Title, author, topic...
You should look in the right list:
Links, sorted by author...
Links, sorted by title...
Links, sorted by topic...

I click on the i-Button and nothing happens.

This is not a broken link, it is ment to be that way. You'll get the info
if you stay on the "i" for a second as a popup info.

Why are there no infos to most of the books?

My time is rare, and my money too. I simply didn't get to it yet.
If you have any infos or experiences about any books, feel free to write
me an e-mail, or fill out my form.

How is this site financed?

Well, that is my little problem.
It does not bring me any money at all. All banners but one
are trade-offs for free webspace, counter and so on.

The one that is not a trade-off is described in the next point.

Why is there this huge banner of sd&m?

This is my only way to earn any money with my site.
I'm working at sd&m myself and therefor I could get a premium
if somebody starts a job at sd&m.

Directly to sd&m: here.

Why does this site exist?

There are a couple of reasons for this site:
It is my little buisnesscard to present my abilities at writing webpages.
On the other hand it is one way to get a new challenge in programming
since my linklists are automaticly exported via perl.
The important thing though is, that I wanted to have a Homepage
that is usefull.